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Shiny, Happy People

Create a positive feedback loop from the top down

By David Lavigne


As a department manager, I’ve seen the powerful effect mindset has on my team's performance.?

Attitudes – both good and bad – are contagious. While a negative naysayer can pollute the workplace, a? positive environment will help your team shine, individually and collectively.?

If being a leader is not about being the best, but making everyone else better, that positive attitude must start at the top.?

In my experience, positive reinforcement is the surest path to an optimistic overall outlook. It makes my team feel valued and gives them a boost of encouragement. Here are a few ways I try to create a positive environment:?

  • Start sentences with phrases like:?
    • I appreciate the way you…
    • I’m impressed with…

    • I really enjoy working with you because…

    • Your team couldn’t be successful without your…

    • I admire the way you take the time to…

    • You’re really good at…

  • Show gratitude every chance you get. Thanking someone for something they hadn’t expected to be recognized for is especially meaningful and empowering, encouraging future good work.?
  • Smile. A lot. And mean it. It’s contagious.
  • Accept responsibility for your mistakes. Don’t download blame onto your team, which only creates negativity.
  • Coach, don’t demand. Develop your team’s potential rather than simply issuing orders.
  • Visualize a happy memory. Take a few minutes to remember a time when you really enjoyed yourself. It can be because of what you were doing, where you were or who you were with. This will boost your mood, which will rub off on those around you.?

What have you done to foster a positive work environment? How have you made mood and mindset part of your leadership?



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